Student Paths exists to better prepare students for their future in the areas of college, career and life readiness.  Our goal is to be impacting 3 million students per year by the year 2020.  While a huge goal, we are excited to say that we impacted over 125,000 students this past school year.

Our program has been built based on the framework of the American School Counselor Association Standards.  Our content (student materials as well as our lesson plans for teachers) help students figure out who they are, what options and choices they have after high school, how to prepare for their unique path and covers general life readiness skills.  Students who have been impacted have indicated on our survey that they have learned something they didn’t know before, they are now thinking differently or have taken the next step on something they found in Student Paths.  At the end of the day, students are making better decisions, about their future, because of their interaction with our program.  Students who are engaged with the program can expect to achieve the following 12 college and career readiness outcomes.

Student Paths features recent grads as well as students currently in high school sharing their experiences and perspectives with their fellow students on the transition to life after high school.  Students share their experiences through stories and videos.

Are you a student?  Here’s how to get involved:

  • Register for MyStudentPath to engage in our content and see what other students (in high school or recently graduated) are doing in their transition to life after high school.
  • Check out how to become a Student Content Provider for Student Paths and be seen by hundreds of thousands of other high school students.

Here are a few videos of students, who in their own words, explain the benefit of engaging with Student Paths: