Wtr ’15/Spr ’15 – Most popular lessons from around the country

The Student Paths winter assessment and 2014-2015 resources are now available at www.mystudentpath.com to use with your students. Educators can access the site with the general login (username “educator” and password “letmein”). Here are the three most popular lessons used by your fellow educators around the country thus far: 1. College debt: Is it worth it?-- Students college costs, reasonable amount to borrow, what makes taking on student debt is worthwhile, and resources for help … [Read more...]

Wtr ’15/Spr ’15 – Winter assessment now available + registration number info

The Student Paths Winter 2015 assessment is now available online at www.mystudentpath.com for your school to earn money. • The assessment is due June 26, 2015. However, if you have at least 80% of your registered students complete it by March 31, 2015, you will receive payment this spring instead of next fall! • Data privacy is very important to us and absolutely no student information is put on mailing lists or sold to third parties; we only connect students with post-secondary institutions … [Read more...]