Building your Institutional Brand, with Dr. Boyd Bradshaw of Logan Chiropractic

Getting the Most Out of Face-to-Face Interaction

Friend Requests.  Emails. Webinars. LinkedIn. Blogs.

Boyd BradshawTen years ago, these words were, for the most part, nonexistent in our everyday language.  But today, it’s difficult to go a few hours without hearing a single mention of any of them.

The concept of what these words are associated with – connecting with others in lieu of face to face communication – is becoming more and more commonplace as tablets, smartphones and various mobile devices rise in popularity.  But, as with all forms of technological advances, there is a downside:  Whatever happened to good old fashioned face-to-face interaction?

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of in-person, social interaction.  Fortunately, actual community engagement isn’t dead.  In fact, if done right, face to face networking is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to a variety of branding opportunities.

So how do you get the most out of face-to-face communication at your institution to build your brand?


Look into the various organizations that fit your particular interests or industry and consider volunteering.  Whether it’s a local chamber of commerce, Rotary club, Kiwanis or an educational-specific organization, each will offer a plethora of benefits for joining and allow you to expand your brand.  Ask yourself: What goals do I have in joining a particular organization? Which is best for me and the institution I serve?


Now that you are a member of your new group, it’s time to get out there and start meeting people.  Don’t just attend meetings or social events, join a committee and engage members to share your organization’s brand.  Always follow up, get business cards to remember names and build a contact base.  Make a phone call rather than send an email to let the person know it was great getting to know them.  Never forget about the power of a positive first impression and voice to voice interaction.


Think of it his way: Instead of joining an organization for selfish reasons, join to build connections to build your institution brand.  At meetings, be dependable and genuine and look for opportunities to influence others to allow them to connect to your brand.

Once you’ve done that, your fellow members and leaders will take notice of your efforts.


Always be on the lookout for ways to further your trustworthiness.  Offer your skills for the organization’s use and relate them back to home base.   Make a name for yourself as a leader within your organization.  This will open the door for more opportunities for yourself and your institution.


Go further in interacting with your fellow members than just distributing your business card at each meeting.  Make a difference by taking a leadership position and building upon the trust you have already created.  Once you’re in a leadership role, use it to partner with other organizations – expanding your circle of connections and fully utilizing the power of effective networking.


Dr. Boyd A. Bradshaw has served as a higher education professional since 1993. Throughout his tenure as an enrollment manager, he has consistently maximized the enrollment potential of the institutions he has served while also improving the academic profile of those incoming classes. He offers extensive experience in student recruitment, student retention, marketing and communications, and enrollment technologies. He serves as vice president for enrollment management at Logan University (MO).

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