“The Dysfunctional Funnel Analogy” with Tim Fuller of Credo

The admission funnel is a time-honored concept that has been taught to admission counselors for decades but is still often misunderstood, and the implications of misunderstanding it can be expensive and misleading. Unlike the funnel you might use to change your oil or prepare something in your kitchen, everything you pour in the top of the admission funnel doesn’t come out the bottom.  As we gather and review fall new student enrollment results for NACCAP we see vivid illustrations of the … [Read more...]

“Student Retention Quiz” with Teresa Farnum of Farnum & Associates

Question 1:  What % of students drop out because they flunk out? The reality is that the vast majority of students who withdraw from college are in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal (estimates range between 75-85%). Thus, most students who leave college do so voluntarily—i.e., they do not “flunk out,” nor are they “forced out” by academic dismissal (Gardiner, 1994; Noel, 1985; Tinto, 1988, 1993; Willingham, 1985). Moreover, among the minority of students who are forced to … [Read more...]

“The College Search: What students want” with Tim Fuller of Credo

The College Search: What Students Want Last year, Credo partnered with nine institutions that use our Admitted Student Research (ASR) service to gain a sense of why some students chose one institution over another; a student’s decision-making process; how students gather information; and what students look at to determine which school is a good fit for them. Our experience with ASR tells us that the results, when combined with an institution’s analysis of their data, help create a clear … [Read more...]

“Marketing Integration” with Elizabeth Scarborough of SimpsonScarborough

Looking back on 2012, what overall marketing tip do you have for enrollment managers? In working with college and universities throughout the country, I still find that a lot of institutions manage their “recruitment marketing” out of the enrollment management division and their “image and brand marketing” out of their marketing department. Unfortunately, it is common for there to be absolutely zero relationship between the two. Can you imagine this strategy working well in a corporate … [Read more...]

“Leadership Coaching Session 3: Leadership in Higher Education” with Steven Fulmer, author and leadership coach

Student Paths Leadership Tips for Enrollment Professionals by Steven B. Fulmer, author and leadership coach With the goal of higher education to graduate students who are smarter, better, wiser, and more effective when they leave than when they came in, why wouldn’t that same principle apply to the people who work there? How best can you as an enrollment management leader engage employees to achieve greatness and meet or exceed individual, team, and institutional recruitment goals, … [Read more...]

“Leadership Coaching Session 2: Effective Leadership” with Steven Fulmer, author and leadership coach

Student Paths Leadership Tips for Enrollment Professionals by Steven B. Fulmer, author and leadership coach Effective leaders in any context are masterful at connecting to the people they are leading. You see, everyone, from the VP of Enrollment to the student worker has a story they want to tell about their life. Though many people aren’t conscious of their story, they make decisions every day based on it. We choose the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the bumper stickers we display, … [Read more...]

“Leadership Coaching Session 1: What is a Leader?” with Steven Fulmer, author and leadership coach

Student Paths Leadership Tips for Enrollment Professionals by Steven B. Fulmer, author and leadership coach Here’s the irony. Everyone is in a position of leadership, whether they like it or not, accept it or not, want it or not. Now that may seem like a contradiction to the idea that leaders are those that others want to follow by choice, because clearly there are plenty of people we don’t want to follow, in fact, you might be working for one of them. Be that as it may, everyone is a … [Read more...]

“Distinctiveness” with Dr. Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs of University of Wisconsin Stout

Student Paths Q & A for Enrollment Professionals by University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Dr. Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs Q: What tips do you have for others in enrollment management to identify and communicate their distinctions? A: We did an exercise with our staff that went like this: If UW-Stout was a car, a store, or a brand what would it be and why? We were all pretty consistent in what we said. It is then up to us to figure out how to share what makes UW-Stout different from another … [Read more...]

“Focus Equals Success” with Elizabeth Scarborough of SimpsonScarborough

Student Paths Q & A for Enrollment Professionals by Simpson Scarborough’s Elizabeth Scarborough Q: Why is focus so important? A: Focus = success! We all know it’s impossible to be all things to all people. And yet, I see organizations of all kinds operating as if it’s possible. Consider this scenario. A prospective student walks up to a college’s table at a college fair and asks, “What majors are strongest at your school?” Some admission counselors are trained to respond by … [Read more...]