The Report Card Syndrome

Take a moment and reflect: List your three biggest weaknesses. What are you doing to fix them? As you read this, how do you feel about those weaknesses? Chances are, you may have spent a good deal of your life frustrated by trying to overcome something that just wasn’t natural. What if I told you the best leaders don’t bother trying to fix their biggest weaknesses. Unfortunately most of us have been trained to focus on our weaknesses from a very early age. Consider if your son or daughter … [Read more...]

Raising The Bar – Statewide Adoptions of The ACT, with John Carroll of ACT

In 2000, Colorado and Illinois were the first states to require their juniors take the ACT as part of their state assessment program … there were lots of unknowns then.   Up to that point, The ACT had only been given on national test dates and primarily college-bound students paid for the privilege.  There were lots of unknowns, mainly centering around whether every high school in a state could successfully (and with integrity and fidelity) administer a high stakes standardized exam. Also, would … [Read more...]

Father Time’s top 5 ways in 2013 to save time and money

It’s budget time again! And unless you are one of the lucky few, it’s otherwise known as that friendly reminder that you are once again supposed to do more with the same (or less) resources. As an entrepreneur who started from nothing and has never had millions in venture capital funding, I eat, breathe and sleep this stuff and am passionate about helping other leaders save time and money so they can perform at a high level with less. Back by popular demand, here are my top 5 ways to free up … [Read more...]