Four Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Institution’s Enrollment Outreach to Parents, with Dr. Rick Winslow of Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

Dr. Richard P. Winslow- Vice Provost for Enrollment and Student Services, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Parents of this generation of college students are different than previous generations' parents in that they are more engaged and more vested in all aspects of their student's college experience.  The vast majority of enrollment managers I have conversations with recognize this, but are left wondering how best to engage and cultivate parents in ways that benefit the … [Read more...]

“Alignment” as the Next Higher Education Frontier, with John Lawlor of The Lawlor Group

Shared with permission from John Lawlor: Access. Affordability. Completion rates. Successful outcomes. Each of these has been a standard in measuring how well a college is fulfilling its mission and providing a worthwhile return on investment. And according to two higher education researchers who spoke at our “Lunch with Lawlor” event (#lwlchicago) last weekend in Chicago prior to the College Board’s Midwest Regional Forum, another goal should and perhaps will take hold in the near future: … [Read more...]

Building your Institutional Brand, with Dr. Boyd Bradshaw of Logan Chiropractic

Getting the Most Out of Face-to-Face Interaction Friend Requests.  Emails. Webinars. LinkedIn. Blogs. Ten years ago, these words were, for the most part, nonexistent in our everyday language.  But today, it’s difficult to go a few hours without hearing a single mention of any of them. The concept of what these words are associated with – connecting with others in lieu of face to face communication – is becoming more and more commonplace as tablets, smartphones and various mobile devices rise … [Read more...]

The “Brag Book”

It’s now October and your college view books are being handed out like candy at Halloween. That view book maybe a trick, because the treat is the “brag book.” The “brag book” or alumni business card notebook gets noticed by prospective students and parents because of its content. Actual business cards from graduates of your institution catch the attention, whether the families are visiting campus or taking in a college fair. Assembling is rather easy - get three ring binders and plenty … [Read more...]

Google Analytics and your Admissions Team

Are you using Google Analytics to enhance your Admissions Marketing? If not, you should be; it helps makes sure that your website is offering what your visitors are looking for. Google Analytics is a free tool that with a little assistance from your IT Webmaster allows you to evaluate your webpage. Google Analytics has helped the University of Wisconsin-Superior and the University of Wisconsin-Stout reevaluate our web request form, website layout and track marketing campaigns. In our … [Read more...]

“The Dysfunctional Funnel Analogy” with Tim Fuller of Credo

The admission funnel is a time-honored concept that has been taught to admission counselors for decades but is still often misunderstood, and the implications of misunderstanding it can be expensive and misleading. Unlike the funnel you might use to change your oil or prepare something in your kitchen, everything you pour in the top of the admission funnel doesn’t come out the bottom.  As we gather and review fall new student enrollment results for NACCAP we see vivid illustrations of the … [Read more...]

“The College Search: What students want” with Tim Fuller of Credo

The College Search: What Students Want Last year, Credo partnered with nine institutions that use our Admitted Student Research (ASR) service to gain a sense of why some students chose one institution over another; a student’s decision-making process; how students gather information; and what students look at to determine which school is a good fit for them. Our experience with ASR tells us that the results, when combined with an institution’s analysis of their data, help create a clear … [Read more...]

“Marketing Integration” with Elizabeth Scarborough of SimpsonScarborough

Looking back on 2012, what overall marketing tip do you have for enrollment managers? In working with college and universities throughout the country, I still find that a lot of institutions manage their “recruitment marketing” out of the enrollment management division and their “image and brand marketing” out of their marketing department. Unfortunately, it is common for there to be absolutely zero relationship between the two. Can you imagine this strategy working well in a corporate … [Read more...]

“Distinctiveness” with Dr. Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs of University of Wisconsin Stout

Student Paths Q & A for Enrollment Professionals by University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Dr. Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs Q: What tips do you have for others in enrollment management to identify and communicate their distinctions? A: We did an exercise with our staff that went like this: If UW-Stout was a car, a store, or a brand what would it be and why? We were all pretty consistent in what we said. It is then up to us to figure out how to share what makes UW-Stout different from another … [Read more...]

“Focus Equals Success” with Elizabeth Scarborough of SimpsonScarborough

Student Paths Q & A for Enrollment Professionals by Simpson Scarborough’s Elizabeth Scarborough Q: Why is focus so important? A: Focus = success! We all know it’s impossible to be all things to all people. And yet, I see organizations of all kinds operating as if it’s possible. Consider this scenario. A prospective student walks up to a college’s table at a college fair and asks, “What majors are strongest at your school?” Some admission counselors are trained to respond by … [Read more...]