Late Career Transition, with Gary Swegan of Youngstown State University

After having spent 24 years at one institution (which also happened to be my alma mater), I have recently transitioned to a new institution as Chief Enrollment Officer (Associate Vice President for Enrollment Planning and Management). I am using this platform to provide some of my observations about transitions, and the assumption of leadership in a new place with new staff. In particular as it may apply to those, like me, who have spent considerable time at their institutions before accepting a … [Read more...]

Rally Time

It’s showtime. School’s back in session, meaning visits are being scheduled, trunks are getting filled, and your counselors have a sense of excitement and anxiety (newbies) or ambivalence and possibly worse (veterans). Most leaders do the basic blocking and tackling – territories are assigned, fairs are chosen, and priorities are set – but are missing one key thing. They forget to make it fun. The start of a new school year is where the top admission offices really separate … [Read more...]

Are You Running Your Schedule or Is Email Running You?

Here are my Top 3 ways for you to overcome the email drain I call "emailaholism": Ever worked from home, really been in the groove and then your spouse or kids interrupt you for something? Then think about the time and mental energy it takes to get back to where you were. It’s challenging, and a good amount of time gets wasted. Now multiply that by the 20, or 40 or (many) more times we willingly let email be that same interruption each day. All the mental see-sawing between tasks means we … [Read more...]

Want to Save a Few Hours Each Week?

Wanna save a few hours every week? Look no further than how your meetings are run. The solution to unproductive, painful meetings as showcased by Gino Wickman in his book Traction, is called a Level 10 meeting – the 10 coming from what it should be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. The foundation of the Level 10 meeting starts with these 5 things: Meet on the same day each week Meet at the same time each week Have the same printed agenda structure Start on time End on time This … [Read more...]