What is Student Paths?

Student Paths is a program aligned with the Common Core standards that high schools implement into their curriculum to help their students with the transition from high school to their future.  Students who are engaged with the program can expect to achieve the following 12 college and career readiness outcomes.

How is the program used?

Teachers are provided with classroom resources and corresponding lesson plans to facilitate classroom discussion, assignments and projects on topics related to a student’s transition to life after high school, including finding one’s passion and right post-secondary fit. Because all schools are structured differently, specific implementation of the program differs with each school. Common examples of implementation include English, advisory, business/economics, AVID, careers classes, and homeroom, and our curriculum meets both the American School Counselors Association (ASCA Standards) and  Common Core Standards.

Who pays for the program?

Colleges and universities sponsor the program.  What do they get out of it?

Our sponsors get ahead of their competition by getting their message on the desks of thousands of students, building significant early brand awareness and relationships simultaneously with 9-12 graders.

After going through the program, students can specifically request to be contacted by any of the sponsors through our assessment, allowing sponsors a tangible way to track their success.