“Parents Matter” with Sally Daniels of Augsburg College

Q: Why is parent/family relations important? A: It benefits the institution and it benefits the parents. Working with parents to answer their questions or connect them with the appropriate resource on campus definitely helps with enrollment. During the decision-making process, the program helps by providing useful information and building a relationship. And, being available to answer parent questions on an ongoing basis on myriad topics, such as financial aid and majors, is a retention … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions are for Sissies

The ball dropped and 2013 is here, and along with it the cliché of a fresh start. But being I’m Father Time, after all, I am a sucker for the perspective a new year brings. Now the question is, what are you doing about it? New Year’s resolutions? Are you still wearing a pager? Those are soooo 1992. Could there be bigger time wasters? People spend a bunch of time and mental energy to come up with them, spend a bunch of time in January following them, and by March are spending a bunch of … [Read more...]

“Marketing Integration” with Elizabeth Scarborough of SimpsonScarborough

Looking back on 2012, what overall marketing tip do you have for enrollment managers? In working with college and universities throughout the country, I still find that a lot of institutions manage their “recruitment marketing” out of the enrollment management division and their “image and brand marketing” out of their marketing department. Unfortunately, it is common for there to be absolutely zero relationship between the two. Can you imagine this strategy working well in a corporate … [Read more...]

A Leader’s Most Important “Employee Birthday” Quiz

Here’s the quiz you, as a leader, should ace this holiday season. First write down the names of all your staff members (hopefully you can ace this one, otherwise things will go downhill quickly :)). Next to each, write the names of spouses or significant others. Then, write at least one thing that each person is passionate about. Finally, and be honest on this one, if you were to buy each person a personalized gift that they would truly enjoy (fruitcakes and Target gift cards do not … [Read more...]

“Leadership Coaching Session 3: Leadership in Higher Education” with Steven Fulmer, author and leadership coach

Student Paths Leadership Tips for Enrollment Professionals by Steven B. Fulmer, author and leadership coach With the goal of higher education to graduate students who are smarter, better, wiser, and more effective when they leave than when they came in, why wouldn’t that same principle apply to the people who work there? How best can you as an enrollment management leader engage employees to achieve greatness and meet or exceed individual, team, and institutional recruitment goals, … [Read more...]

The Magic Hour

Too many people spend their day reacting instead of being in control and spending time on the most important things. As a result, they work a lot but accomplish only a little, and the mountain of things to do never seems to dwindle. This occurs because most people do not stop to first plan their day. The whims and fires of each day control them, as opposed to them ensuring their time is spent on the highest value tasks. A common myth Hyrum Smith writes about in The 10 Natural Laws of … [Read more...]

I.D.S. – How to make issues go away forever

Most leaders can free up a significant amount of time if they work on how they solve issues with their team. I’ve written about how to run a highly effective meeting, and one component of that is the Issue Solving Track. From my firsthand experience, having structure to how you solve issues is a considerable time saver and a fantastic alternative to lots of people talking in circles for hours and getting nowhere (not that it ever happens in your office). The key to avoid being your own … [Read more...]

10 Questions All Great Leaders Ask

The success of your next few recruiting classes literally depends on the answers, yet I am amazed at how few leaders spend time to ensure they have them.  Some just don’t put the effort into being a good leader, but for most, they are simply too busy or overwhelmed with their many other priorities. Yet, I would suggest the time and energy spent on addressing those questions will actually save you time.  Lots of it. Fall travel can be a grind.  Even if your team is fully engaged walking out … [Read more...]

Are You Running Your Schedule or Is Email Running You?

Here are my Top 3 ways for you to overcome the email drain I call "emailaholism": Ever worked from home, really been in the groove and then your spouse or kids interrupt you for something? Then think about the time and mental energy it takes to get back to where you were. It’s challenging, and a good amount of time gets wasted. Now multiply that by the 20, or 40 or (many) more times we willingly let email be that same interruption each day. All the mental see-sawing between tasks means we … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Save Money & Make Your Budget Go Further

Here are my Top 10 ways for you to easily save a few thousand dollars this upcoming fiscal year: Rental car corporate accounts can lock in a price Are you currently at the mercy of demand, random airports and the unknown of rental-car pricing? Sign up for a free corporate account for each major rental car company and you can lock in a rate no matter the rental locale. It’s still a good idea to check the regular rate before booking in case it is lower than your corporate rate, but either … [Read more...]