The “Brag Book”

mark-thompsonIt’s now October and your college view books are being handed out like candy at Halloween.

That view book maybe a trick, because the treat is the “brag book.”

The “brag book” or alumni business card notebook gets noticed by prospective students and parents because of its content. Actual business cards from graduates of your institution catch the attention, whether the families are visiting campus or taking in a college fair.

Assembling is rather easy – get three ring binders and plenty of plastic page sleeves sized for business cards. Most office supply stores will have both in stock.

Collaborating with your alumni office is key in getting the business cards. A letter requesting the actual business card(s) along with a business-reply envelope is what is needed. Requesting six of their cards allows for enough notebooks for use in the admissions office, on the road and don’t forget the alumni office using the cards for advancement pursuits.

Typically having 100 cards in a notebook gives prospects a good sense of what the possibilities are with a degree from your institution. Having worked in admissions offices at public, private and proprietary institutions I have seen the positive impact of having these “brag books” available. The cobranding of the corporate logos and organizational trademarks with your college occurs as prospects turn the pages. It also becomes a small world when the families recognize a name of a friend, relative, community leader or church member on the cards.

What is most relevant is the authenticity of these actual business card.

They are real.  No masks or costumes.  A true treat of “brag book” goodies.

Happy Halloween!

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