Wtr ’15/Spr ’15 – Most popular lessons from around the country

The Student Paths winter assessment and 2014-2015 resources are now available at www.mystudentpath.com to use with your students. Educators can access the site with the general login (username “educator” and password “letmein”).

Here are the three most popular lessons used by your fellow educators around the country thus far:

1. College debt: Is it worth it?— Students college costs, reasonable amount to borrow, what makes taking on student debt is worthwhile, and resources for help managing/paying off student loan debt
2. What’s the big deal about STEM? — Students learn what STEM is and why it’s important to individual students as well as the U.S.
3. Growing green — Spotlight on working to protect the environment as an agricultural research specialist

Students should log in to www.mystudentpath.com using their personal username and password; once a student has completed the assessment, he/she will have access to the content of our program (articles, videos, lessons, and activities) for the rest of the school year.

– Check out our new student tutorial video here.
– Download our 2014-2015 Content Plan and Calendar as well as our printable featured lesson plans here.

If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact me.

Gayle Saunders
Client Engagement and Support
gsaunders@studentpaths.com or 1-866-744-8069 (toll-free)

The email above was originally sent to program participants via Benchmark on 2/9/15 and re-sent to bounces and unopens via Outlook on 2/11/15. If you are not receiving our emails, you should ask your IT department to whitelist email addresses ending in “@bmsend.com” and @studentpaths.com (for example, gsaunders@bmsend.com and ccollins@studentpaths.com) so that our informational emails will not get caught in your school’s spam filter.

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