Wtr ’15/Spr ’15 – Winter assessment now available + registration number info

The Student Paths Winter 2015 assessment is now available online at www.mystudentpath.com for your school to earn money.

The assessment is due June 26, 2015. However, if you have at least 80% of your registered students complete it by March 31, 2015, you will receive payment this spring instead of next fall!
• Data privacy is very important to us and absolutely no student information is put on mailing lists or sold to third parties; we only connect students with post-secondary institutions if students request it.

Deadline to update your school’s registration number:

• February 1 is the deadline to update your school’s registration number for the winter. Your registration number is the maximum number of students for which your school is eligible to receive funding. Please contact me at gsaunders@studentpaths.com prior to February 1 if you have questions about your registration number or want to change it for the winter/spring semester.
• Your school will receive $1.50 per assessment per student when at least 80% of the students registered for the program complete the Winter 2015 assessment by June 26, 2015.



Gayle Saunders 
Client Engagement and Support 
gsaunders@studentpaths.com  or 1-866-744-8069 (toll-free)

The email above was originally sent to program participants via Benchmark on 1/19/15 and re-sent to bounces and unopens via Outlook on 1/22/15. If you are not receiving our emails, you should ask your IT department to whitelist email addresses ending in “@bmsend.com” and @studentpaths.com (for example, gsaunders@bmsend.com and ccollins@studentpaths.com) so that our informational emails will not get caught in your school’s spam filter.

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